One Year Anniversary


We have been experimenting for a little over one year now inside of Warehouse X, and already we have encountered some intriguing and even surprising observations. This experiment is delving into the effect of natural light on aging bourbon barrels. But, we are also investigating some aspects of temperature and humidity at the same time.
Our systems that control temperature, humidity, and light inside each chamber seem to be working well. We continue to confirm their functionality by manually recording temperature and humidity inside each chamber, and inside one barrel in each chamber once a month. We are also measuring the temperature and humidity outside of Warehouse X monthly.
Over the past year, we have recorded 40,000 different data points! In the breezeway alone, we have registered a 105 degree to -10 temperature swing. Of-course, the taste of the whiskey is our ultimate endeavor in this experiment, and our latest tasting did not disappoint in revealing some interesting results. We recently tasted some fascinating variations between chamber samples, and feel we are on the right path to gaining great insight that will enhance our whiskey aging expertise. We are delighted that Warehouse X is already yielding enlightening results. We will continue our journey to discover more of what’s really happening inside of the barrel as bourbon ages.